Earn to Die Mod APK Unlimited

Earn to Die Mod APK Unlimited

THE BEST OF THE ACTION, implement and improve GENRES
Earn to die you not only see your way through hordes of zombies lead, but allows you to update money, unlock and customize earn new cars. Your vehicle is not strong enough? Why not a weapon, or booster, or even add a frame tips?

main Features
● A new Story mode and extended the looks go long in a zombie apocalypse
● 8 vehicles available, including a race car, trucks and even a school bus!
● Getting a lot! Only unlocking a vehicle is not enough to produce any vehicle with a range of upgrades
● Zombiesssssssssssss ... Many Zombies ... Be sure that they introduce to the front bumper of the car
● A realistic ragdoll physics engine, you crash into zombies and send them to fly!
● impressive animated sequences
● Scoreloop support
● Challenge your friends for the best time in championship mode
● Survived the Zombie Apocalypse? Unlock by Smash pumpkins and Halloween achievements in fashion

With more than 200 million games for the original version online, one of the first to download for your Android device to the comprehensive, the biggest and best.

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