Doraemon Repair Shop - For Android

Cover artJoin Doraemon, the futuristic robot cat, on another one of his schemes to get Dorayaki in this cute and challenging time management game set in Doraemon’s all-purpose repair shop. Prepare to test your speed and reflexes!In this technologically advanced world, tons of old and broken appliances and furniture are dumped in the trash by townspeople. What a waste! Seeing the potential, the amazing robot cat comes up with a genius scheme.

Robot Academy - For Android

Cover artEarth 2050. A year has passed since hostile aliens arrived to destroy the human race. So far, the invaders have been pushed back by cybernetic mech soldiers programmed at the Robot Academy. Now, you will take charge of the Robot Academy initiative and shoulder the responsibility of Earth’s safety! The nations of Earth have collaborated to establish the finest training academies for the mechanized infantry forces that protect us against the alien threat. Welcome to the Robot Academy, professor! Your job is to make sure that our best and finest Robot Troopers are well-trained, well-equipped, and well-oiled.

Colossatron - For Android

Cover artAN EXPLOSIVE NEW GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF FRUIT NINJA AND JETPACK JOYRIDE!Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the story of the biggest and most powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. But this time - YOU get to be the bad guy!
Take control of a giant robotic snake and smash through cities with ease as you fight to create the most fearsome weapon of all time. Your objective is simple: DESTROY EVERYTHING!

Dr. Newton The Brain Adventure - For Android

Cover art*Brilliant! Really feel like my memory, maths and hand eye co-ordination skills are strengthening.
*Addictive! I am just loving testing my brain with this game - and trying to beat my friends' scores! Great game - thanks!
* Awesome! If you like app like Lumosity or Fit Brains you'll love Dr. Newton.
* Awesome! Great app. Really fun games that test the brain. Very interactive and attractive.
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doctor newton, dr newton, drnewton, dr.newton, brain games, brain training, cognitive training, IQ, vocabulary, attention, concentration, focus, cognitive flexibility, spelling, math, mathematics, mind, mind games, mind training, luminosity, brain games, cognitive assessment

Dhoom:3 The Game - For Android

For all the fans of Dhoom franchise, here is the first in the series, action packed, thriller Dhoom:3 The Game. Don the cape of the Dhoom:3 movie anti-hero and zoom through the streets of Chicago on your Super Bike as you evade ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the Cops. With simple Tilt and Tap controls, enjoy hours of fun filled action in this 3D endless racing game.

BIG WIN Racing - For Android

Cover artStart your engines and get ready to burn some rubber! Build your car, upgrade your engine and other car parts to ensure you have the fastest car on the track. Build a world class pit crew to boost your car and have the best chance to win the race.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - For Android

is the latest version of Konami's popular soccer game for Windows. Although PES 2014 looks very similar to Pro Evoultion Soccer 2014, it includes some subtle changes designed to improved both gameplay and graphics.It remains "Joe" game Pro Evolution Soccer attractive as it was, and will be able to sense and enjoy it as I did in the last ten versions or so. On the other hand, there are a many improvements in the game to make it more realistic.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted - For Android

Cover art** Celebrating the winter holidays with Google Play! Get 85% off for a limited time only! **“The graphics are absolutely awesome” (
“It pushes the mobile platform to its utmost limits and doesn’t even break a sweat” (Capsule Computers)

NEED FOR SPEED™ Shift - For Android

Cover artDrive the world’s fastest cars and enjoy some of the highest performance racing action ever seen on Android.FEED YOUR NEED
Drive 20 cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Pagani Zonda.

F1™ - For Android

Complete over 90 racing events and recreate thrilling moments from the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ in F1 Challenge – an officially licensed FORMULA 1™ videogame.

GTA San Andreas - For Android

Cover artGTA San Andreas Cheats
★★★★★Tips, Walkthrough Videos and more in this free app!
GTA San Andreas Cheats free Android (2.3+) app helps you with all levels of the best action game. Now you can dominate with cheats, strategies & tips. Become the best GTA San Andreas PRO in no time with app... Are you ready?
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats is your app!

GTA 5 - For Android

Cover artGTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5 - GTA V) cheat codes!

Pokemon Cheats - For Android

Cover artPokemon Hints and Cheats contains cheats, codes, tips and unlocks.

Game Cheats & Hints - For Android

Cover artGetting stuck with your android games? Not able to progress higher levels or complete the game ?Our Free-Online/Offline App contains huge collection of tips, hints,unlock tasks and cheat codes for various popular android games.Never ever get stuck again on difficult level,play every game and various game hints and cheats in your pocket.

GUN BROS 2 - For Android

Cover artHigh-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Untold years after the first T.O.O.L. wars, the Tyrannical Oppressors Of Life have returned to finish the job.

Gun Club 3: Virtual Weapon Sim - For Android

Cover artCelebrating the winter holidays with Google Play! Take to the range with an incredible arsenal of the world’s finest weaponry. Gun Club 3 combines challenging, addictive gameplay with stunning visuals & unsurpassed detail; the only thing missing is the smell of gun powder.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - For Android

Cover artNo. 1 FPS action game is back in the smartphone with a new chapter to further the boundaries of mobile gaming. After a nuclear war, the only way to prevent global devastation is in the hands of a few elite soldiers who must locate and rescue the world leaders from a terribly familiar terrorist group.

Prince of Persia - For Android

Cover artThe rebirth of the legendary platform action, visual effects and redesigned to accommodate new controls your brand of device.

SlideToPlay ** - 4/4 - "A beautiful and athletic mix of platforms and exploration"
TouchArcade ** - 4.5 / 5 - "Shadow and Flame Prince of Persia is a game in every way that matters"

Assassin's Creed Pirates - For Android

Cover artBecome one of the most feared of the Caribbean on Adventure Assassin's Creed in the smartphones and tablets exclusive pirates!

Play as Alonzo Batilla, an ambitious young captain, a pirate to take forward the fiercest enemies ...

Breaking all the rules, challenge the empires and make your own fortune!

Gun Club 3: Virtual Weapon Sim - For Android

Cover art
Go to the beach with an incredible array of fine weapons in the world. Gun Club 3 combines challenging, addictive gameplay, stunning visuals and unprecedented detail, the only thing missing is the smell of gunpowder.

World of Goo - For Android

Cover art- "Game of the Year" -MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameTunnel
- Best Games for Android lists - NYTimes, techcrunch, pocketgamer, androidpolice, mashable, and many more
- Reddit's runaway choice for best Android game

Machinarium - For Android

Cover artMachinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula."Absolutely Fantastic" - TouchArcade

Incredipede - For Android

Cover art"If you've ever felt that Dr Frankenstein’s career path was for you then Incredipede will have you laughing maniacally with joy for hours on end" - Indie Game Magazine "A physics based game done right" - Total Biscuit

Principia - For Android

Cover art*** 70% OFF - CYBERWEEKEND SALE ***Welcome to the world of Principia - the successor to the Android hit Apparatus, played by over 3 million players.
Solve puzzles using the laws of physics. Help the robot get to the goal by building contraptions, bridges and vehicles.

Rayman Fiesta Run - For Android

Cover art 
 ***Pocket Gamer - 9/10 - “A spunky, joyous, addictive gem [...] Another giddy and breathless mix of memory and reflexes”
Join legendary platforming hero Rayman for a new adventure on your favorite mobile device!

If you enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run, you will love Rayman Fiesta Run and its new wacky Fiesta world! Lunge for cocktail umbrellas, leap on limes and punch those piñatas…the sky’s the limit!

Strategy & Tactics:USSR vs USA - For Android

  • Cover art
  • USSR vs USA is an add-on for Strategy & Tactics: World War II. The Generals, having gone through the trials of the recent war, now lead armies on the battlefields of an alternate reality. A nuclear attack on Beijing was the turning point to set history off at a tangent and create the course of events in the game world.

Release the Ninja - For Android

Cover artUnleash your ninja powers with new and intuitive touch controls!
Bounce and blaze like a ninja through 60 levels of puzzles, weapons and traps in this new addictive game."Quaint and absolutely kick ass little stealthy platformer" -
"Extremely smooth and fluid" -
"I love it" -

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS™ - For Android

Cover artREAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game for Android smartphones and tablets. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of real-world football mastery with EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day. Get in there with FIFA 14!** This game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real football leagues, teams, and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on your device. **

Papa Pear Saga - For Android

Cover artTake aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing his way through the wonderfully wacky levels of this unique puzzle game. Please note Papa Pear Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.
Join Papa Pear on a journey through more than 100 levels filled with fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies.
Exciting adventures await you in the Fruity Forest, the Great Pearamids and beyond. So bring your friends and see who can get the highest score! BOIN

The Amazing Spider-Man - For Android

Cover artGet ready for intense web-slinging action with The Amazing Spider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of this highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off against the Lizard and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully 3D New York while using your amazing skills to save the city.

Avengers Alliance - For Android

Cover artTeam up with the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and S.H.I.E.L.D. to harness the power of ISO-8 before Dr. Doom, Loki, and the world's most powerful villains beat you to it. Recruit your favorite Marvel Heroes, gear up and Assemble in this new game!

Bad Piggies - For Android

Cover artFrom the creators of Angry Birds: an all new game from the PIGS’ point of view!IGN's "Best Mobile Game of 2012" Winner!
"Extremely fun and very challenging" -- Kotaku
“The best title Rovio has released yet” - IGN

Rope Escape - For Android

Cover artAddictive high thrills escape game in the midst of the jungle!
Catapult yourself deep into the heart of the jungle and use your rope to swing through the trees high into the sky. Escape the chasing savages by swinging not only from the trees but from rocks originally intended for you; swing high enough and use the zeppelins to swing even higher for the best in-game rewards and power-ups! Feel the exhilaration of “Rope Escape” as you swing higher and faster in search of ever-greater rewards and the global high score.Use the rope wisely to escape from the savages and reach new heights to earn more coins! Use the flying catapulted rocks to swing even faster and higher through the air, to feel the rush and excitement! Use zeppelins to swing in the high skies and bring the zeppelins down to earn achievements!
Sign into “Rope Escape” through your Facebook account to see how your achievements stack up against your friends and the rest of the world, and boast about your feats on the way to becoming a global “Rope Escape” hero!

Trial Xtreme 3 - For Android

Cover artPlay, challenge your friends, Win!With over 50 Million downloads(!) and leading the games charts in hundreds of countries, Trial Xtreme series is BACK and it’s going to set the bar even higher.
*****Ability to change riders controls from Tilt to Buttons via the options menu*****
Trial Xtreme 3, will take your breath away with its new innovations and amazing features. Tackle 112 completely original courses, fighting your friends for the race, win while carefully controlling your bike to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of the many hundreds of mines, water pipes, or wrecked cars that are standing in your way.

NinJump - For Android

Cover art"Yet another brilliant slice of freebie fun" -Pocket Gamer
"You really need to give Ninjump a try" -Touch Arcade
"Check out Ninjump, it's extremely fun" -148 Apps
"This is fast becoming one of my favorites" -The App EraRise to the top and become a ninja master in NINJUMP, the latest FREE game from Backflip Studios, makers of PAPER TOSS!

Glow Hockey - For Android

Cover art[NEWS] Glow Hockey 2 is now available! Including 2 players on the same device.
*******************************Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents!

Cool Surfers - Marine Subway - For Android

Tropical sea is waiting for you.Dispel the hot temperature with even faster speed felt!
You can play using physical engine with more fun than real jet ski.
And the game play is provided for free.

Shiver - Hidden Objects (Full) - For Android

Cover artAfter leaving something in your car, a hitchhiker vanishes! Track her down and return her things in Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker! Explore a spooky landscape as you figure out where the mysterious woman has gone in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Dive into a deeper mystery as you progress through incredible locations and scenes!

Hidden Object: Happy Halloween - For Android

Cover artPhatpuppy presents "Happy Halloween"!**Note some images may be scary for small children**
Embark on a spooky adventure into a land where the weird and wicked are the norm. Journey through spine-chilling realms, but watch out for ghouls and ghosts, mutants and monsters!

Cube Crash Free HD! - For Android

Cover art New HD wide screen version available now!Make matches of 3 or more colored cubes, the larger the group you can make the more your score will grow! Don't leave behind to many blocks or you won't progress to the next level.

For the highest score don't just press wildly to clear the grid. The more blocks you can include in one large group the more points each block is worth, so plan out your moves for the highest score.

Juice Cubes - For Android

Cover art FREE NEW PUZZLE GAME!The creators of Angry Birds present a delicious NEW puzzle game with tons of fresh and fruity challenges! Connect the cubes and create explosive fruit bombs in 165+ levels filled with pirates, mermaids and other crazy characters!

Combat Monsters - For Android

Cover artCombat Monsters are not your everyday monsters. They will follow your commands to vanquish the enemy… or die a fiery death! Play for FREE against friends right in front of you or on the other side of the globe or enjoy the large single-player campaigns.
Devise strategies that make the most of your deck: will you overrun your adversary with dozens of bloodthirsty creatures? Defend your Hero at all costs with healing spells? Invest heavily in runes and concentrate on a few high-powered cards?

Ittle Dew - For Android

Cover artAdventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto a strange island, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. It quickly dawns on the duo that this might become their biggest adventure yet. Ittle Dew boils down the classic adventure formula until there is only fun left. Experience devious puzzles, timeless gameplay and lots of exploration!
* Lots of secrets and shortcuts to explore
* Combine your tools in ingenious ways
* Beautiful hand-drawn HD wobble graphics

Puzzle Trooper - For Android

Lead a ragtag bunch of misfits in a campaign against E.V.I.L. (Evil Villains in League). Crush your enemies using an innovative puzzle battle combined with a rich RPG system. Conquer 6 continents with over 150 missions and become the most powerful warlord in the world!FIGHT ENEMIES WITH AN INNOVATIVE PUZZLE BATTLE SYSTEM!
• To start your attack, move the balls in any direction on the puzzle grid to create combos!
• The more combos you make, the bigger the attack!
• Call in deadly Bomb Strikes to rain down devastation on your enemies!
• Take advantage of your enemies’ weaknesses to deal extra damage!

Spirit Stones - For Android

Cover artDiscover the unique Puzzle RPG with a TCG twist!Play for free NOW and connect with players around the world!
"It's a collectible puzzle battler, like many before it, but Spirit Stones has a polish and an art style I really dig. In a genre filled with copycats, aesthetics matter." (Kotaku)
"Spirit Stones basically blows the doors off, thanks to dynamic deck-building and habit-forming combat." (Gamezebo)
"Spirit Stones is a marriage of styles that just works." (148Apps)
"Two well-rounded types of gameplay hugging tightly together." (Touch Arcade)

Pocket Mine - For Android

Cover artThe new addictive hit from the makers of Extreme Road Trip!It’s mine o’clock, time to dig! Tap the blocks to delve deeper and deeper in your Pocket Mine. Find treasure chests, rare artifacts and trigger explosive chain reactions!
Build your deck of booster cards to reach your maximum digging potential and reach the top of the leaderboards!
Trade with your friends to complete museum collections and get sweet rewards!
The game features awesome music by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson (of "Extreme Road Trip 2" fame) and is frequently updated with more content.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing - For Android

"Another Cybernetic Hit — The follow up (to Real Steel) is a knockout!" - 148Apps
"The game doesn't disappoint, with better graphics than Real Steel and creative robot designs." - GamezeboBecome a robot champion ONCE AGAIN!
Fans of the smash hit Real Steel with 10 Millions Downloads comes next version with More Robots, More Action and More Fun!
Real Steel World Robot Boxing packs bigger punches, harder-hitting battles, and double the action of its predecessor Reel Steal with better graphics, brand new robots, more modes and head-to-head multiplayer. In the not-so-distant future where boxing is taken to the extreme, people and robots synch up for a larger-than-life entertainment experience. Pilot a bot-crushing behemoth and jab, uppercut and haymaker your way to victory!

MONOPOLY Slots - For Android

Cover artSPIN AND WIN! MONOPOLY Slots combines big casino wins with the beloved world of MONOPOLY. Take a spin and be a winner every day on your Android smartphone or tablet.FAST, FUN, FREE
Play through a variety of MONOPOLY-themed slot machines. Double your luck with Twins, triple it with 3x3, or take it up a notch with 3x5 slots. Celebrate the big payouts while Mr. MONOPOLY cheers you on!
Play bonus mini games to make it rain money or take a Chance to “Double” or “Quadruple Up”!
Score big bonuses with Mystery Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, and 2X Multipliers.
Level up to unlock even more FREE slot themes, with new ones added regularly!
Don’t miss the winningest slots game on Google Play!

Hero Academy - For Android

Cover art 
★ Mobile Game of the Year winner (2013 D.I.C.E. Awards) and nominated for Best Handheld/Mobile Game (2013 Game Developer’s Choice Awards)!★ "Bite size strategy you can't put down" - Touch Arcade, 4.5 Stars
★ "It's a ridiculous amount of fun" - 148Apps, 5 Stars; Editor’s Choice
★ "What’s important is that you download this ridiculously free app for your [mobile] device immediately" - Penny Arcade
★ "The game looks great, and the diverse amount of units allow for some really creative play." - Nine Over Ten, 5 Stars