King's Empire - For Android

Cover artLead his people and build a glorious empire to begin his world domination. Be the ROI of your own kingdom!

One of the best strategy games featured online in 78 countries and has more than 4 million players worldwide. Play for Free!

Wars epic win powerful allies. Form the ultimate alliance of online players and conquer kingdoms.

RTB Resources strategic trade house. Show your talent and business intelligence to manage their resources.

Prepare your army to attack and defend against other players online. Plan legendary battles and get to the top of the leaderboard.

Explore the mysterious dark magic. Summon powerful dragon runes to strengthen your army.

Take control of the city-states and peoples for resources and expand their territory for glory.

Boom Beach - For Android

Cover art 
In assault the beach and save the day! Boom Beach is a strategy game in which you fight epic fighting a war against evil Blackguard. Take your expeditionary force of beautiful tropical islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every bridgehead of freed slaves island and explore the unexplored islands. The fight becomes a race to exploit the old powers hidden in the islands. Are you ready for the BOOM
Boom Beach - screenshot thumbnail

Please note! Boom Beach is completely free to play. However, some game items can also be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this function, set password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store.


Cover artA new record with over 13 million downloads worldwide!
Upgrading to a new version, including the addition of 16 new areas!

New features in this update:
1) 16 new areas
2) The new units
3) Added new special missions, etc

METAL SLUG DEFENSE - screenshot thumbnail

"Metal Slug" the pinnacle of 2D shooting action in a game NeoGeo tax tower defense / strategy on iOS! Command your troops to take over the throne of best player "METAL SLUG" in the world!

■ regular armies and rebels clash in iOS!
Send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with the touch of a finger!
METAL SLUG use the attack as well as other unique special attacks to change the course of the battle, the goddess of victory smile at you !!

■ More than 60 different characters and units available!
Early in the game, the regular army units are not available, but the soldiers will join Morden
their ranks later! Limited units that can not be acquired by unusual events or conditions are waiting
you too! 
 ■ The world is your battlefield! Battle at various stages METAL SLUG nostalgic!"METAL SLUG DEFENSE" has over 100 background levels faithfully recreated from classic titles METAL SLUG! Clear all stages to play again with new units into battle and get more prizes! ■ The level of troops and weaponry! Personalize your units to increase their chances of winning the war! Edit and save your units at any time in the game through simple and intuitive touch controls !! ■ Compete with other players via Wi-Fi VS Battles! Enjoy "METAL SLUG DEFENSE", alone or with others online VS Battles through the Wi-Fi function. Win battles to improve your score, compete with players from around the world for the better ranking! SNK Playmore Corporation, © All rights reserved.

DOWNLOAD HACK Evil Defenders APK ( Mod Hack )

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Defenders Evil is a fun defense game frantic with a little humor to boot. With beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, bad defense allows you to create and update powerful defensive towers, use special sites of each card, and cast spells to repel enemy forces as they defend Earth against the invading evil.

Defenders evil has a huge amount of play and offers the possibility to play the game in different ways through improved single round, a skill tree and 100 game achievements.

This is the tower defense game for true fans of the genre!
The challenge continues with six modes of difficulty, 90 levels across 15 different mission cards. Fight for evil!

DOWNLOAD HACK Sonic Dash APK ( Mod Hack )

Cover art 
 For phones and tablets.

How the world's fastest hedgehog can not function?

Play as Sonic the Hedgehog hits you, jump and shoot your way through amazing 3D environments. Slide your way and under difficult obstacles in this game fast and furious racing without end.

Famous Sonic hedgehog stars in his first racing game world without end - How far can you go?

DASH ...!
Free movement of Sonic Edge incredible allowing you to run like crazy and destroy everything in your way!

DOWNLOAD HACK Despicable Me APK ( Mod Hack )

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Discover the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush! True yellow mischievous Minions Gru are ready for even more tasty challenge: Collection of exotic fruits to make delicious jelly! Jumping, shooting, dodging and missions run against one another in fun, fast-paced. 
 Despicable Me - screenshot thumbnail

Despicable Me - screenshot thumbnail

All the fun and antics of Despicable Me
• Enjoy hilarious moments of unpredictable Minion
• Perform despicable acts through hundreds of missions
• Run through landmarks that are full of surprises, secrets and difficult obstacles: Gru Lab, a residential area of ​​Gru, den El Macho, beach and Minion Super Silly Fun Land of Despicable Me
• Customize your Minion with unique costumes, weapons and power-ups
• Vector Battle, El Macho, the Villaintriloquist and all new villains created exclusively for the game

DOWNLOAD FIFA 15 Ultimate Team APK ( Mod Hack )

Cover art

 FIFA 15 by EA SPORTS Ultimate Team has more than 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. In addition, more than 30 leagues and real stadiums! Building a dream team of football players and tested. English Premier League, La Liga, MLS, and the German Bundesliga and beyond. Take emotions with you wherever you go with the most authentic soccer game on Google Play.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - screenshot thumbnail

This application offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchase through the settings of your device.

** This game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real leagues, teams and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on the device. **

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - screenshot thumbnail
Build your Ultimate Team
Win, trade, and collect stars as Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard to create your own fantasy team. Choose your style of play, training kits, and more.