DOWNLOAD HACK Cham Cham APK ( Mod Hack )

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 DOWNLOAD HACK Cham Cham APK ( Mod Hack )

75 challenging puzzle levels with endless hours of play.

Compete with your friends G+ / Facebook to find out who is smarter :-)

Cham Cham! adorable chameleon off of what you want most, sweet fruit. However, thanks to you, there is hope. Guide to Fruit Cham Cham changing the landscape, through fees, portals, and wind power. Just remember to avoid sharp rocks, water, lightning and ice on their way to make Cham Cham smile.
This addictive puzzle challenging and unique melt your heart. If you want to help travel Cham Cham the world and enjoy new and exciting in the islands of the Desert, the jungle and the Arctic, fruits you have to find clever ways to collect as many stars as you can along the way - a task that will result be a challenge for even the sharpest minds. Fear not - if you're stuck you can always get a little help from your friends ....

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