Sex Games for Couples - For Android

Looking to add a little more fun to your lovemaking? Try this app ‘Sex Games for Couples”.

If you're searching for a fun and exciting way to mix up your usual lovemaking with your guy or girl, look no further. You will not only improve you love life, but you will also uncover erogenous zones you never knew existed. Do you hunger for that something extra?

The application includes detailed instructions such as:

For example:

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Directions: 1. For a weekend getaway where time is not a factor, each player should select three games and write the game number on a small scrap of paper.

2. Put all six pieces of paper in a basket and take turns drawing a number at random.

3. Continue until all games have been played.

Conditions: Breaks are recommended between games. Make sure you have the necessary Items neededs on hand. Don’t tell your partner which games you chose. The surprise helps to build the excitement.

Other ideas: Chose numbers randomly by rolling dice and adding or multiplying the numbers.
The app also includes a fun Truth or Dare game.

For example: “If I gave you a free chance to be with a celebrity, who would it be?”
And : “Have you ever gone skinny dipping? When and where?”
Examples of dares: “Put on some sexy outfit, and go outside for 3 minutes.”
And : “Do your best to put me in a wrestling move I cannot escape from.”
These and many more!

In addition, you may choose to purchase the full version to receive all the content without the advertisements. The full version includes roleplay ideas and secrets to the female g-spot.
Perfect compliment to the Kamasutra app such as Ultimate Sex Positions!
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